What is Delicacies Et Al? How does it work?

Delicacies Et Al is a Food Distributor in Australia

We sell the best and finest delicacies sourced from different provinces in the Philippines. Have you looked for a Filipino snack, drink or condiment but cannot remember or even read the name? We can help you look for it. We love to hear from you so we can continue to expand our store with a wider range of products that you can’t live without. With a widespread supplier network, we can find and source what you need. We continue to build strong relationships with our existing suppliers and welcome new suppliers to join us to help serve the wider community who love Filipino food as much as we do.

The team at Delicacies Et Al want to share their love of Pearl of Asia culture. We strive to source the most popular items throughout the Philippines to promote Filipino heritage. Beyond a simple store, we aim to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for you. We continue to learn about Filipino delicacies and will surprise you every time you visit our store.

Vision, mission & value

Delicacies Et Al’s passion is to become the go-to shop and supplier of all Filipino delicacies in Australia. Through sharing the love with Filipino tasty foods, we wish to connect all who appreciate Philippine delicacies and Filipino cooking. We aim to provide excellent service, quality and product diversity in Australia, with ethical values always in our focus. We believe that the integrity, fairness, honesty and trustworthiness are extremely essential to maintain sustainable relationships with our customers and business partners.

Three core values of Delicacies Et Al

  • Convenience
    We provide 24/7 access to ordering your Filipino Snacks, Drinks and Food.
    Delivery to your doorstep without leaving your home.
  • Connected
    We connect to our customers via social media, Chat and Email.
    We have a wide supplier network and stay connected to suppliers by building strong business relationships.
    We can source the product you want.
  • Community 
    We come from a Filipino background and want to share the love of Filipino food with our wider community.